Marlane Collection


Plentiful fabrics available in different qualities for a broad spectrum of use.

Prominent Extrafine Merino, Primatist Super 100'S, Vaticana Super 120'S, available in various weave patterns and rich colourings, both solids and patterned, are the cornerstone of the collection.

A selection of exceptional blends have evolved from these mainstay fabrics, such as wool with silk, mohair, linen, cotton, as well as performance fabrics, like Wi.Fi, the innovative crease-resistant "travel suit" that is 30° Washable - the machine-washable pure wool.

Lastly, VIVO, a label distinguished by natural elasticity and a soft but firm hand. A fabric that exalts the most sophisticated fibre found in nature: wool. Hygroscopic, breathable, stretch, non-flammable, dust-resistant due to its low static electricity. Eco-friendly processes make it possible for Vivo to express current stylistic codes "naturally".